AC unit repairingAre you looking for HVAC services in Coppell, TX? Your search can end here! We’re Hammack Service Company, Inc., your friendly neighborhood experts in heating and air conditioning. We completely understand the Texas weather – the scorching summers and those chilly winters that sneak up on you.

    So, when you need help with your heating and AC, we’ve got your back in Coppell. We’re all about saving energy and making sure your place stays comfy. We’re not just a service; we’re your HVAC buddies, here to keep your home or business cozy and efficient all year round.

    HVAC Repair Solutions

    Imagine your HVAC system as a trusty car. Just like your car might need an occasional fix up, your HVAC system needs some TLC too. When you start hearing weird noises, or your AC starts blowing hot air when it should be cool, or your energy bills go through the roof, that’s your cue to give us a call. We’re the pros who can get everything running smoothly, so you can enjoy a comfy home without any worries. We can help with any of the common AC problems you might encounter.

    Contact our team for a repair solution if you notice any of the following:
    • Frequent freezing of the AC unit
    • HVAC system cycling on and off incessantly

    New HVAC Installation in Coppell

    When you’re considering a new furnace or AC, you’re making a smart move. These modern units not only keep your place comfy year-round but also help you cut down on those pesky energy bills. They run quietly, creating a more peaceful environment. Plus, the safety features they come with are designed to keep your home and your family protected in case of a natural phenomenon or equipment failure. We’ll be there to make sure the size is just right for your home, ensuring everything operates perfectly and efficiently for your ultimate comfort.

    Installing furnace

    Keep It Running Smooth with Maintenance

    Just like your car needs an oil change, your HVAC system needs regular check-ups. Our annual service plans make sure your system stays efficient, lowers your energy costs, and keeps you cozy. We provide a thorough tune-up that will ensure your system works the way it’s supposed to when you need it most. Don’t skip maintenance, or your system might break down when you least expect it. Contact us to schedule your annual maintenance – you’ll thank us later!

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    We’re super proud to be the trusted Heating & AC company right here in Coppell; contact us today!