February 13, 2020

At a very basic level, a heating system works simply by generating heat, then transferring that heat to the targeted space. The type of heating system determines how that heat is generated and transferred to your home. The professionals at Hammack Service Company, Inc. have been installing and servicing these systems in the Richardson, TX, area since 1972.

Forced Air Furnace

A forced-air furnace burns propane or natural gas to generate the heat. It then uses a circulation fan to force air through the system. It draws cool air in and warms it up, then forces it back out through the duct system.


A boiler system also generates heat by burning propane or natural gas. It differs from forced air in that it does not push air around. Rather, it boils water and forces the steam through the heating system. The valves at the individual radiators throughout the space allow for easy temperature control in each space.

Wood Burner

Wood burners are much like forced-air furnaces. These, however, burn wood or fuel pellets, usually outside your home. From there, it is a similar system. A blower forces air over a heat exchanger and then pushes it out into your home.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps work to both heat and cool by simply transferring heat from one space to another using refrigerant and electricity. Need more heat in the house? No problem. A heat pump will draw heat from the ground and bring it in. Need to cool the house down? It draws the heat from the house and transfers the heat to the ground.

Radiant Floor Heaters

The last type of commonly used heating system is radiant floor heaters. These are heating “mats,” usually electrically powered, that are installed under flooring and radiate the heat up through the floor. These are not as popular due to the cost of installation and the cost of maintenance and repair.

Your Neighborhood Heating Specialists

Regardless of the type of heating system, you are considering or what your home already has, the professionals at Hammack Service Company, Inc. in Richardson are ready to help. Our NATE-certified team not only services heating and air conditioning systems but also provides full air quality control solutions. Call us to schedule your appointment today.

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