new HVAC unitWhen you need an experienced HVAC contractor in Dallas, TX, Hammack Service Company, Inc. is the one to call. Your HVAC system is an essential part of your home. Without it, it would be impossible to stay comfortable during the brutal extremes in temperatures we experience. Having a heating and AC company you can trust means reliable comfort at home all year long.

    At Hammack Service Company, Inc., we’re here to serve all your HVAC needs from installation to maintenance and repair. Our NATE and BPI-certified technicians keep up with the newest advances in HVAC technology. We’re dedicated to offering quality service for affordable prices.

    Dallas HVAC Contractor for Repairs

    Regardless of how much you spent on your HVAC system, repairs are an unfortunate reality. Your system has many working parts which can wear out, especially as your unit works hard during the summer heat waves. You may reach for your thermostat control one day to find your unit doesn’t switch on. However, you may see a number of warning signs first. Your unit may experience a sudden decrease in performance or take too long to start. These are warnings you should take seriously.

    Letting issues with your HVAC go unaddressed for too long can only lead to worse problems later. Major repairs are more expensive to perform. Save yourself the trouble and call a qualified HVAC contractor as soon as you notice something wrong. We offer repairs for all makes and models and can diagnose many types of heating and AC issues.

    Invest in New AC Installation

    If your heating and cooling system isn’t working as well as it should, it’s time to stop settling. As a qualified HVAC company serving Dallas, Hammack Service Company, Inc. can help you find the right system for your home and budget. HVAC systems don’t last forever. Once you get past the 10-year mark, it may not make sense to invest in major repairs. A new system can also offer a number of benefits. These include easy controls, improved energy efficiency, and quieter operation.

    Trusted Choice for HVAC Maintenance

    Neglecting to invest in heating and AC maintenance is a mistake many homeowners make. It’s also a costly one. This service can prevent expensive repairs and offer significant improvements to your energy efficiency. It can also mean a longer-lasting HVAC system and less time before you need a replacement. A few months before you expect to use your heat or AC, one of our experts will perform a comprehensive tune-up. We will swap any worn parts and make sure it is ready for the season ahead.

    Here are a few benefits of calling a trusted heating and AC company in Dallas for maintenance:
    • Longer lifespan for your HVAC
    • Avoid costly repairs
    • Maximize your energy efficiency
    • More reliable operation
    • Improved heating and cooling
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    Call us at Hammack Service Company, Inc. right away if you need dependable service from an experienced HVAC contractor in Dallas.