January 11, 2022
Damaged Duct Signs in Richardson, TX

After turning your heat on for the new season, you might have noticed an odd smell coming from the furnace or more dust around the home. Damaged ductwork can cause a host of problems that will ultimately lead to expensive repairs in the future. Check your home this season for signs of worn-out or damaged ducts.

1. Higher Heating Bills

Damaged ducts can cause your heat to be leaked out around the home. You’ll likely have inconsistent airflow and heating that can lead to rooms never being warm enough. Your furnace will run longer as heat is misplaced, increasing the potential for an overheated furnace that might suddenly shut down. Properly functioning ductwork is essential to keep your home’s entire HVAC system running smoothly.

2. Pest Infestation

Old ductwork can fail at any time, creating spaces for pests and rodents to get into the ducts. They can create nests in the vents that further dampen the airflow. You might hear strange noises coming from the ductwork or notice new unpleasant smells. An infestation can bring sickness into the home and spread from the vents into the walls and crawlspace.

3. Lowered Air Quality

If your ducts aren’t properly sealed, mold and mildew can develop and spread into the furnace. The air pulled into the vents will bypass the filter, circulating more particulates and contaminates that can agitate allergies. You and your loved ones may experience more sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. You will also be at higher risk of sickness or irritation from the mold spores. Your ducts maintain your home’s clean environment and keep your family safe.

Your Trusted Service Company

Don’t worry about your ducts being damaged or circulating contaminated air around your home. Rely on our professional technicians at Hammack Service Company, Inc. for all your heating and cooling needs in Richardson, TX, and surrounding areas. We’ve been serving homes with expert heating and cooling repairs and maintenance as well as professional air quality testing and mini-split system installment. We can solve all your HVAC needs with our NATE-certified technicians and expert, friendly service.

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