August 16, 2021
Cooling Myths in Richardson, TX

If you thought that it would be easy keeping your house cool this summer without breaking the bank, you should be aware of some of these cooling myths sooner rather than later so that they don’t break your budget. There are a lot of misnomers flying around about summer maintenance, and you should be aware of all of the potential pitfalls to efficient summer cooling are out there.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Some people think that a larger air conditioner will cool off their house faster, which is actually true. But what makes this a myth is that the faster cooling process comes with some downsides, mainly that you’ll be left with more humidity in the house. Your air conditioner also takes the moisture out of the air, but it needs more time to do this. When you cool down the house so quickly, you’ll be stuck with a cool but clammy experience, which most people don’t like.

The Air Conditioner Cools at a Consistent Rate Regardless of What You Set It At

Another common thing that people think is that you should turn your thermostat way down if you want a warm house to cool off faster. This doesn’t work in practice because the air conditioner cools the house at the same rate of time regardless of what you set your air conditioner at. If you set your air conditioner to 55 degrees, it will reach your intended 68 degrees no more quickly than if you simply set the thermostat to 68 degrees.

Seal Up the Walls

When you want your house to keep out the heat and humidity in the summer, you might think that you should put your efforts into sealing up around the windows and doors. This is only partially true. The real area of the biggest heat transfer is actually through the walls if you have a wood house. If you want to find ways of cutting down on this heat transfer, contact a professional to find all of the ways that you can seal up the entire house.

When you want ways to save on energy costs, watch out for cooling myths. But you should also talk to a professional HVAC technician at Hammack Service Company, Inc. in Richardson, TX, to learn more about how we can help you with your heating and cooling needs. You can also look to us for indoor air quality and mini-split services.

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