September 14, 2022
Mini-split in Richardson, TX

Let’s say that your home doesn’t have ductwork. Maybe it’s old, and adding ductwork would compromise the structural integrity. Whatever the situation you’re in, there’s an air conditioning system that will fit your needs. It’s called the mini-split, otherwise known as a ductless heat pump.

How Mini-Splits Work

Mini-splits are like traditional heat pumps in that they cool a space by transferring heat from it. Refrigerant enters the air handler to absorb the heat, and it travels through piping to the compressor, where it releases the heat outside. It travels back to the air handler with cool air.

The difference, of course, is that the cool air exits the air handler directly, not through ducts. A mini-split only cools one room; however, you can connect eight air handlers to a single compressor, which means you could possibly achieve whole-house cooling with these.

Saving Energy With a Mini-Split

The greatest advantage of owning a mini-split lies in energy savings. Ductwork, after all, can have leaks and holes that let a great deal of cool air seep out. You eliminate all that worry with a mini-split. This system will probably take less time to cool your home, which means a lower monthly bill.

Variable-Speed Technology

Mini-splits can also automatically adjust their speed depending on the indoor temperature. So, rather than shutting off once it reaches the set point, the system may simply slow down and blow out at a lesser capacity. This is energy-efficient and minimizes the wear and tear that come with a hard start-up.

Hammack Service Company, Inc. has installed many mini-splits throughout Richardson, TX, and we’d love to tell you more about the process. It’s easy and minimally invasive. You also get great flexibility when it comes to where you want to place the air handler and compressor. Besides AC installations, we can perform heating and repairs and tune-ups as well as install indoor air quality systems. If you want to learn more, call today, and schedule a consultation!

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