December 20, 2022
Furnace Install in Richardson, TX

In winter, everyone knows how important a well-functioning furnace is. But like many homeowners, you may notice that your heating system is working harder than it usually should. When it’s time to change the filter, you have to know which steps to take in the correct order.

Frequency of Changing the Filter

An air filter collects dust and debris, but when it’s not changed regularly, the furnace produces less clean air and needs more energy to produce the same amount of work. A furnace filter is recommended to be replaced every one to three months. Larger filters have more space to collect debris and are replaced every three to nine months.

Safety Precautions

As a typical safety precaution, it’s recommended that you turn off the furnace before replacing any parts. This is similar to turning off the faucet or shower before installing new parts. The debris from the filter could loosen and fall through the system’s ducts. The process is as simple as turning off the thermostat first.

Changing the Filter

Any homeowner can choose to hire a professional to replace the filter during a regular maintenance checkup. One of our HVAC technicians will locate and open your filter compartment first. A new filter is inserted in the correct position. The compartment is closed tightly, and the furnace is turned back on to function normally.

Replacing your furnace filter is an unavoidable task in every home. You should never continue operating a heating system that works at half of its expected efficiency. But you may have questions as to the safest way to change a furnace filter without causing more damage to your system. At Hammack Service Company, Inc., we have professionals ready to perform one-time or regular maintenance for your furnace in Richardson, TX. We also provide repairs and installation for new heaters and air conditioners. Contact us to receive your quote today.

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