August 15, 2022
Ductless Mini-Splits in Richardson, TX

Mini-splits, also known as ductless heat pumps, can cool a small space like a garage, work shed, or room addition that your existing ductwork doesn’t reach. They can also be a viable option for whole-house cooling. The main question, though, is whether they’re more energy-efficient than ducted ACs. The answer is yes.

No Ducts Means No Energy Waste

Think about all the cool air that can trickle out of the cracks of a duct. If the ducts aren’t properly sealed, problems become even worse. Your AC may run forever and never reach your desired temperature. With mini-splits, you don’t need to worry about any of this. None of your cool air is lost, so the AC will run for a shorter time and save you money.

Benefit of Variable-Speed Operation

With variable-speed technology, you can set the mini-split in such a way that, rather than switching on and off, it slows down when things are cool and speeds up when the temperature rises. Nothing consumes more energy than the start-up of an AC, so we will be saving money when using this technology. Mini-splits are quiet, so their continual operation never becomes a source of frustration.

Shutting Off Mini-Splits in Unoccupied Rooms

With a central AC, you cool every room regardless of whether it’s occupied or not. You can eliminate that kind of waste with mini-splits because each air handler comes with its own thermostat. Simply raise the set point when leaving the room or before going to bed. You could also adjust temperatures based on where the sun is, and which rooms are being hit the hardest by the heat.

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