June 28, 2021
Ideal Indoor Temperature in Richardson, TX

When the summer season rolls around, it’s likely that you rely on your central air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable. While you enjoy the cooling relief, you probably don’t enjoy the higher electricity bill that comes along with it. Fortunately, you can reach a happy medium to ensure that your family stays comfortable and your wallet isn’t depleted in the process.

A Standard Recommendation of 78 Degrees

Talk with any air conditioning experts, and they will recommend that you set your home thermostat to a cool 78 degrees. This offers a temperature that is comfortable but not too cold. In addition, it allows for an optimal energy-efficient temperature at which your air conditioner doesn’t constantly run.

There’s no denying the fact that everyone’s personal preference is somewhat different, but 78 degrees is a good starting point that you should consider. Your family may like it a bit warmer or cooler. Generally, however, keeping your setting above 72 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. Most home air conditioning units aren’t designed to cool a home below that temperature. When you set an AC for a temperature that’s too low, it can freeze the evaporator coil.

Optimize Your Time Away From Home

One of the biggest ways that you can get more energy efficiency out of your air conditioning system is to optimize it for your time away. When your family isn’t home, you don’t need to have your air conditioning unit keeping it as cool as if they were there. Take a pen and paper and record the times throughout the week that your home is vacant.

You can utilize a simple programmable thermostat to change the temperature for the times that your family is absent. Just be sure to change the temperature back to your optimal at-home setting about an hour before your family plans on returning. When you’re out of the house for the day, it’s recommended to set the thermostat at 10 degrees above your desired at-home temperature.

Dependable AC Experts

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