July 20, 2022
Multizone AC in Richardson, TX

Chances are that you own a single-speed, single-zone HVAC system. In other words, your entire home is one “zone,” and when you turn on the HVAC system, it heats or cools your home to one set temperature. You do have the option, though, of switching to a multi-zone HVAC system.

Ensure It Is a Variable-Speed System

We must warn you, though, not to try and create multiple temperature zones with the same single-speed HVAC system. The installers recommended your current system to you based on your home’s square footage, and if you decrease that space through zoning, it can wreak havoc on the system’s motor. The system would likely start to short-cycle, and you would experience hot or cold spots.

Adding Thermostats and Dampers

Assuming that your system can adjust its speed based on the size of the area it’s heating or cooling, what you would do next is install a central control panel for the HVAC system and then add thermostats to each zone. A zone can be whatever you want: an entire floor or an individual room. You would determine how many zones you’ll have beforehand.

Then, you would install dampers throughout the ductwork. These blades or plates will move in such a way as to direct air to the zones you want heated or cooled at a given time, and they will close off the other areas at the same time.

Mini-Splits Are an Alternative

Note that if you don’t have ducts, you can still achieve multi-zone heating and cooling. Simply install a mini-split system. With one compressor, you can install up to eight air handlers, each with its own thermostat. That means up to eight temperature zones. A mini-split air handler only has enough capacity to heat and cool one room, though.

Whether you want a central HVAC system or a mini-split system installed here in Richardson, TX, you can depend on the technicians at Hammack Service Company, Inc.. You can even turn to us for yearly maintenance and the occasional repair. We also deal in indoor air quality products like dehumidifiers and air purifiers. Contact us today for an appointment.

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