October 20, 2020

Everyone wants to have good indoor air quality in their homes. Unfortunately, it’s easy for the air inside to become stuffy and polluted. The main way to improve indoor air quality is to have proper ventilation.

Airborne Contaminants

There can be many air contaminants in your home. Sources of contaminants include cleaning supplies, fuel-burning combustion appliances, off-gassing carpets, glue in furniture and more.

You need proper ventilation to remove these contaminants from your home. If there isn’t adequate ventilation, the contaminants in your home multiply over time. Fresh air needs to come in from outdoors, and indoor air needs to be released outside.

Long-Term Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Long-term exposure to poor indoor air can cause respiratory diseases, cancer, heart disease and more. You can become chronically sick and even die from airborne contaminants. It’s not known for many contaminants how much exposure creates health problems. People have different sensitivity to contaminants as well. Further research is being performed that will hopefully help to keep people healthy.

Spot Ventilation

One way to have proper ventilation is to use exterior exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms. You can install fans with timers to ensure that they operate for a sufficient period of time. A bathroom fan should operate for 45 minutes after you take a shower, for example. You should always use the hood fan when cooking also.

Dilution Ventilation

This type of ventilation addresses your entire home’s indoor air quality. It includes natural and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation can be attained by opening windows or exterior doors.
Mechanical ventilation takes place in your heating and cooling system. Your furnace, for example, pulls in outdoor air and expels inside air. It’s important to have a system that is the right size for your home so that it ventilates properly.

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