June 16, 2022
Tenant Rights in Richardson, TX

A routine maintenance schedule is best for keeping your air conditioning system in top shape, but if your landlord hasn’t put one in place, it can sometimes be tricky to know when to have the system serviced. Having a conversation with your landlord can help you create a schedule that works for both of you.

What’s In the Lease Agreement?

How quickly a landlord must fix a faulty air conditioning system depends on your state laws and what is in your lease agreement. The lease agreement often states how soon repairs will be made for any household issues. You can also sometimes rely on the implied warranty of habitability, which is an unspoken agreement saying that anything, including your air conditioner, that was working when you signed the lease must be maintained.

Only Dallas, TX, and the state of Arizona require landlords to provide working air conditioning. In the rest of the country, heat is considered essential for habitation, but a working air conditioning system is not.

Talk With Your Landlord About Options

Your landlord will most likely be eager to keep your air conditioning system well-maintained and make any necessary repairs. Your landlord might schedule maintenance and repairs, but many landlords let their renters choose a company instead. In this case, keep any invoices so your landlord can pay you back or deduct the cost of the repairs from your rent.

Get Expert Advice

Hammack Service Company is happy to serve Richardson, TX, and the surrounding area. We’re family-owned and pride ourselves on our prompt, friendly service. We’re also BBB accredited, and our technicians are NATE-certified. Feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you might have and get your air conditioning system back up and running. We also offer heating, gas furnace, and mini-split system repairs, maintenance, and installation, and we can walk you through indoor air quality and energy-saving options.

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